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Managed Rubrik Data Archival

Specialising in the provision of Backup as a Service and Disaster Recovery as a Service solutions using Rubrik technology.

Scalable and Automatically Managed Rubrik Data Archival

Core DataCloud’s Data Archival using Rubrik provides cost-effective, scalable and automatically managed long-term retention for physical and virtual environments on both private and public cloud.

Benefits of Core’s Data Archival using Rubrik technology include:

  • Simple to set-up – set archival polices with just one click.
  • Manage all your data through a unified console, providing visibility of protected and unprotected VMs, databases and applications and much more.
  • Instant Access – access archived VMs, applications and files instantly with a global real-time search that catalogues all data, regardless of where it is stored.
  • Automate your long-term data retention quickly and easily with policy-driven automation. Simply click to assign SLA policies to your VMs, applications and databases.
  • Simply convert archived VMs into cloud instances that can then be powered on for DR or testing.
  • World-class security with encryption in transit and at rest. Archive data also undergoes envelope encryption.
  • Compliance and capacity reporting enables you to track SLA compliance, system capacity use and growth, with early notification on potential trouble areas.
  • Reduce costs by archiving to low-cost private or public cloud resources.
  • Deduplication – reduce transfer and storage costs by sending deduplicated data for archive.
  • Granular transfer out enables you to identify specific files to archive, saving time and money.
  • Granular Recovery – recover archived data at snapshot or file level if you lose your data locally.

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