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Rubrik Managed DR for Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Specialising in the provision of Backup as a Service and Disaster Recovery as a Service solutions using Rubrik technology.

Rubrik Managed DR for Amazon Web Services (AWS)

As businesses move their applications to Amazon Web Services (AWS), Rubrik Managed DR from Core DataCloud enables businesses to protect, manage and restore all their data, whether it is onsite or in the cloud.  Rubrik’s software-defined data management platform means that companies can automate their backup policies set by SLAs to meet their business, which saves precious time.

Whether it is onsite or in Amazon Web Services, Rubrik powers on apps which mean that businesses can search, recover, report and test data.  Businesses can replicate onsite apps and data to Amazon Web Services and then quickly and easily spin up apps there for testing / development and also to provide a cost-effective DR solution.

This new cloud-native service from Rubrik is able to run across multi-cloud working, which is important in today’s hybrid cloud environment.

Business benefits to running Rubrik Managed DR from Core DataCloud to Amazon Web Services (AWS) public cloud from Core DataCloud include:

  • Cloud-native backup – deploy Rubik as a software instance in Amazon Web Services (AWS) ensures quick start up speed. Protect cloud applications by writing to Amazon Web Services storage services.  Scale protection in-line with cloud service consumption.
  • Utilise Amazon Web Services public cloud to support your DR only when needed. No need to run Rubrik in AWS in order to carry out DR in the cloud.
  • Control onsite and cloud apps with a suite of API services.
  • Deliver replication within different Amazon Web Services regions.
  • Assign SLA policies to VMs, applications and databases by just clicking.
  • Use Rubrik to simply migrate data to other public clouds.
  • One simple-to-use interface manages onsite applications, as well as those in the cloud.
  • Application mobility –take your apps and data anywhere, from the data centre to Amazon Web Services (AWS).
  • Find and restore all data that was created in the cloud, including files, folders, file sets, VMs and databases.
  • Create, customise and share platform reporting across a multi-cloud environment.

To find out more about Rubrik Managed DR to Amazon Web Services (AWS) from Core DataCloud, please contact us.