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Rubrik - Safeguarding Against Ransomware Attacks

Specialising in the provision of Backup as a Service and Disaster Recovery as a Service solutions using Rubrik technology.

What is Ransomware?

Ransomware is a special type of malware in which an attacker holds users’ data hostage until a ransom is paid. Some types of ransomware encrypt a company’s data using an encryption key which is known only to the attacker. There is then a demand for a ransom to be paid and if it is not then, after a specific timeframe, the attacker then deletes the encryption key and that company’s data is permanently deleted.  Even if the victim does decide to pay the attacker prior to the given deadline, the attacker then decides whether or not to give the victim with the necessary encryption key.

A ransomware attack usually affects data which never actually leaves a business, which therefore makes traditional network defenses that work to stop data being extracted ineffective.  In addition, ransomware frequently attacks a victim even if firewalls and other defenses prevent it from passing any information back to the attacker.

How Rubrik can protect your business

Core DataCloud’s backup platform using Rubrik technology ensures that your business can recover from a ransomware attack with no data loss with permanent backups built into the platform.  Start work again within minutes of an attack and instantly search for and recover files, whether they are onsite or in the cloud, to any point-in-time.

Key Benefits of Rubrik technology in safeguarding against Ransomware attacks:

Instant recovery
Accessible with just one click to restore files to any point in time, so you can get back to work within minutes.

Automatic incremental forever immutable backups
Ensure that your backups are protected and minimises loss of your valuable data.  Rubrik backups are immutable once they have been created, in other words they can never be compromised.  Even once subsequent backups have been created, the previous backups are never affected.

Policy-driven incremental forever backups to protect your business against any attack.

Point-in-time recovery enabling you to easily restore your production back to its pre-infection state.

Automated recovery
Ensures that your business can get back to work straight away.

Live Mount capability enables you to restore data without rehydration.

Data encryption at rest or in transit, as well as the ability to assign granular permissions over data at platform level.  Archived data is also protected with envelope encryption.

Rubrik technology provides businesses with automated backup, instant recovery and forever immutable backups to ensure they have the tools needed to recover from data loss or ransomware attacks quickly and easily.