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Rubrik Managed Backup for Microsoft Hyper V

Specialising in the provision of Backup as a Service and Disaster Recovery as a Service solutions using Rubrik technology.

Rubrik Managed Backup for Microsoft Hyper V

Rubrik has had an ever-developing relationship with Microsoft solutions for some time.

Rubrik Managed Backup for Microsoft Hyper V, from Core DataCloud, uses Rubrik technology to provide support for Microsoft Hyper-V based workloads.  This has been achieved by directly integrating with the Hyper-V 2016 WMI based APIs, so this works independent of the underlying storage tier to give the broadest possible support.

Rubrik managed backup for Hyper V, from Core DataCloud, leverages Hyper-V’s Resilient Change Tracking (RCT) to perform incremental forever backups. Through Rubrik’s backup service, historic versions of Hyper-V can also be supported.

Independent of the source, or whether it is physical or virtual, Rubrik is able to use the same SLA policy-based system to avoid the need to set individual and manual backup policies.

Businesses that run apps or store data on Microsoft Azure’s cloud platforms can now run Rubrik managed backup directly in the cloud to index and back up everything.  Previously, companies had to run this using an onsite Rubrik appliance physically located in a customer’s data centre, which then sent the data to and from the cloud. Now however, companies can simply run the software fabric as an instance in the cloud in order to simply manage, backup, copy and analyse data.

This new cloud-native service from Rubrik also works now across multiple clouds, which is important in today’s hybrid cloud environment.

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