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What is Rubrik? And how it can help your business

Specialising in the provision of Backup as a Service and Disaster Recovery as a Service solutions using Rubrik technology.

Rubrik is a software-defined data management platform for physical, virtual and hybrid environments, that simplifies and unifies backup, data protection and instant recovery onsite, in the cloud and at the data centre.

Rubrik provides a simple, scalable appliance built for hybrid cloud, with support available 24/7 and key features include the following:

  • Single console – unified console to manage all data in the cloud, onsite or at the data centre.
  • Automatic incremental forever immutable backups – ensure that your backups are protected. One backups have been created they can never be compromised.  Even once subsequent backups have been created, the previous backups are never affected.
  • Instant recovery – accessible with just one click to restore files to any point in time, so you can easily restore your production back to its state before any infection/loss occurred.
  • Policy-driven automation – enabling you to automate management across hybrid and multi-cloud environments. Assign SLA policies to your VMs, applications and databases with just a few clicks.
  • Instant Search – global real-time search of VMs, databases, applications or files, regardless of where it is stored, delivering near-zero RTOs.
  • Live Mount capability enables you to restore data without rehydration.
  • Self-Service – with Rubrik’s powerful suite of APIs that can orchestrate data from the data centre to the cloud.
  • World-class security – with encryption in transit and at rest throughout the data’s lifecycle, wherever it resides.
  • Compliance and capacity customized reporting enables you to track SLA compliance and system capacity use and growth, with early notification on potential trouble areas.
  • Rubrik is purpose-built for cloud integration and infinite scale to enable hybrid cloud for all enterprises.

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